Relatos (Stories) is a meeting point between different stories running towards the same theme: the the relationship between people and their own memories. It is a treatment about the dialogue between the trace and the environment, with the aim of reestablishing (through fictitious resources), the fragments that configure memory.

All this within a context to which signifiers are determined by a social fabric and the individual appreciation.



Rosas, Cross out, Photography, Barcelona, Spain 2015

Relatos, Book,

Barcelona, 2015

Lost (2015)

Two people who migrate looking for the promised land. Two stories, fading on their faces, are faded, lost in a whirlwind.

Benin, Lost, Photography, Barcelona, Spain 2015

 Cross out, Photography, Ibiza, Spain 2015


Cross out (2015)  The piece combines pictures in the travel album with a series of letters and postcards wherein we are shown some of the feelings and personality of the characters.

Saved, Photography, Alcoi, Spain  1936- 2015


Saved (2015)


Images that tell the life of a woman after the postwar period. Saved memories destined to pass between generations to illustrate a memory. The image as a document of a life.