Memorias de un sujeto

Photographic series, Barcelona, 2017


The project "Memories of a Subject" stems from a study on forgetting and remembering, presenting itself as a transcription of visual references and connections between images that form a code of memory.

It is a post-production work in which the images are gathered and approached as an archive, encoding and interpreting each connection. "Memories of a Subject" investigates how the mind relates, replaces, or constructs new images through past memories. For instance, the sight of two mounted guards in a park in London may reference a childhood memory of a father riding a horse with a friend in the countryside—an apparently unrelated event that unconsciously allows the mind to take and process that new photograph, an isolated occurrence that suddenly acquires significance.


The project carries a broader sense of directly addressing memory and its impact on creative work. Memory becomes a tool that enables the creation of new images that merge with one another. They replace, reshape, and feel replaced by a multitude of new images, overlapping each other but with a common point of origin that serves as a connection.


It explores the idea that everything resides within us, rather than in the external world.




Exhibition in

Atlas Fichier

Memorias de un Sujeto, 2017







Sandra Aicart