Proyecto Calima

Calima, video & installation,

Entre Barcelona y Berlin, 2018


Calima (Haze) is an artistic project that focuses on the suspension of dust or ash particles in certain locations and explores time, landscape, and the human experience through imagery.


The project, initiated in 2017, encompasses various mediums such as photography, video, installation, and performance, and includes works such as Easifa, Lluvia Térmica (Thermal Rain), Jamsīn, and Rih. Part of the project has been recognized with awards, including a solo exhibition at the "Reial Academia de Sabadell" in 2019.


In 2018, Sandra Aicart was selected as an artist in residence at the "Fabrica de Creació de Barcelona - Fabra i Coats," where she developed the Calima project and presented an exhibition at the "Centre d'Art Contemporani Fabra i Coats." Additionally, her research work at the University of Barcelona, where she is currently pursuing her doctoral thesis, has been exhibited at the Centre of Contemporary Art Barcelona in collaboration with ICUB.


The book Calima compiles images, actions, and texts related to the project, providing an additional experience in itself. It serves as a showcase of all the work carried out in the project, going beyond being merely a compilation.



The outcome of this artistic investigation was presented at the Centre d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona - Fabra i Coats.

Exhibition in

Centre d'Art Contemporani

Fabra i Coats -2018





Sandra Aicart